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"First, you walk in and Tony greets you like an old friend if you have been here before. If it is your first time - he makes you feel welcome and comfortable so that by the time you leave you feel like a regular."

Sonora Diner



At The Barefoot Café, it's not really about us. It's about the people we serve at Barefoot ... and they come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, locals and out-of-towners, well-to-do and budget-conscious. The thing they have in common is this: they all seem to appreciate a friendly, high quality dining experience. And that's precisely what we're all about, because we're into the details: farm-fresh ... organic/natural ... locally grown ... prepared from scratch daily in our kitchen.

If it's a "jump-start-the-day" breakfast, you should know we filter the water used to brew our coffee ... so the only flavor you'll taste is rich, robust, freshly-ground coffee beans blended especially for us from Equator Estate Coffees & Teas. (More details: Equator buys from growers who practice responsible land stewardship and bio-friendly farming.)

If it's a "salad-for-lunch" day, you might be interested to know we make our own salad dressings. Every one. Every day. Because it makes the salad sparkle with flavor! If it’s a burger-and-fries day, who knew you could make such exquisite fries from a sweet potato?

If it's an "I-deserve-a-small-reward" dinner tonight, be advised you'll find nothing on your plate but the finest, freshest ingredients and Chef Tony's imaginative sauces. The sauces -- like the salad dressing -- are made daily in our kitchen. Because ... well, you know why: it's all in the details!

Here's what people say about The Barefoot Café and their attention to details:

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about Eggs Benedict. Apparently not. The Barefoot’s Eggs Benedict enter a whole new dimension in flavors.”

“I never heard of a cornmeal waffle until yesterday. I had no idea my culinary experience was so incomplete. Thanks, Tony.”